This is a very robust and sturdy skiving tool with high performance and long lifetime. EST is suitable for spiral and braided hoses from 3/16" to 2". A complete tool consists of a holder with one arm, a mandrel, and an external skiving knife.
On EST double there is an extra arm, and two external skiving knives. To reduce time for setting we recommend to use one tool for each dimension. The mandrels are made of hardened steeland the skiving knife has four sharp edges.

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Material: Steel, Hardened
Adjustable skive length: 10-35 mm
Adjustable skive depth: 1-6 mm

Length: 150-200 mm
Weight: 1,8-3,5 Kg

Internal skiving tool 3/8": 9025-15-06
5 mm  internal skiving knife: 9025-01-05

Internal skiving tool 1/2": 9025-15-08
6 mm internal skiving knife: 9025-01-06

Internal skiving tool 5/8": 9025-15-10
Internal skiving tool 3/4": 9025-15-12
8 mm internal skiving knife: 9025-01-08

Internal skiving tool 1": 9025-15-16
Internal skiving tool 1 1/4": 9025-15-20
10 mm internal skiving knife: 9025-01-10

Internal skiving tool 1 1/2": 9025-15-24
Internal skiving tool 2": 9025-15-32
10 mm internal skiving knife, long: 9025-02-10

 Download data sheet


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