True Ergonomic portability!

We have redesigned the concept from scratch to make our smallest on site crimpers more ergonomic. The perfect solution for repair work on-site with a weight at only 20 kg. H16P is equipped with a carrying handle and a two meter hose so it easily can be moved or lifted to the object to be crimped.

The newest addition to the H16 lineup is the H16P LightWeight. At only half the weight of the standard H16P , it's a perfect tool for repair work out in the field or when load capacity is limited.

As power source we can offer a hand pump or an air driven pump, both alternatives exist for the H16P and the H16P LightWeight.

H16P with LED indicator: 9028-00-61 
H16P LightWeight: 9028-00-61-4

Hand pump 630bar for H16P: 9028-02-08
Air pump 630bar for H16P: 9027-04-01

Hand pump 500bar for H16P Light Weight: 9028-06-36
Air pump 500bar for H16P Light Weight: 9027-04-01-1

H16-10: 9070-16-10
H16-12: 9070-16-12
H16-14: 9070-16-14
H16-16: 9070-16-16
H16-19: 9070-16-19
H16-23: 9070-16-23
H16-27: 9070-16-27
H16-31: 9070-16-31

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