AutoCut 5-20L is an automatic cutting machine for textile and steel reinforced hoses up to 3/4". It is very easy to use thanks to the touch screen and has excellent length tolerance. Hose Reel and conveyor are optional, available in different design to meet your request. There is also an inductive heating unit available as option used to prevent flaring hose ends when cutting stainless steel reinforced teflon hose.

- Fast and easy operation.
- Very safe
- Adjustable feeding speed
- Adjustable cutting speed
- Excellent cut tolerance
- Fast and easy tool change.
- Cutting blade completely encased.
- Inductive heating unit available option


Max hose capacity: 4-spiral 3/4"
Min/Max hose capacity OD: 8 - 30 mm
Cutting Capacity: 500 pcs/hour
Max Cutting length: 32000 mm
Motor: 5,5 kW
Voltage 3-phase: 230/400V/20A/50Hz
Diameter (blade) External: 400 mm
Diameter (blade) Internal: 50 mm
Air pressure: min 6 bar
Hose connection for smoke evacuation system: 100 mm
Colour: Light Grey


Length: 1 070 mm
Width: 750 mm
Height: 1 100 mm
Weight: 250 Kg


AutoCut 5-20L: 9080-03-00



HoseReel EOS w motorized uncoiling: 9080-01-08
Inductive heating system AC5-20L: 9080-03-03
Conveyor 2 meter: 9080-01-21
CellCon 2000 digital measuring control: 9090-00-00
Conveyor 3 meter: 9080-01-22
CellCon 2900 digital measuring control: 9090-00-02
Remote control, foot-pedal: 9080-00-02
Remote control, handle: 9080-00-03
Hose joint detection system: 9080-00-13



Cutting blade HSM 400x4x50 Smooth: 9009-01-04
Cutting blade HSM 400x4x50 Toothed: 9009-01-05
Cutting blade HSM 400x3,8x50 IH: 9009-01-03
Cutting blade 400x4x50 TS: 9009-01-02


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