True ergonomic portability

We have redesigned the concept from scratch to make oursmallest on site crimpers more ergonomic. Using compressed air for operation the operator is relieved from pumping. Carried like a briefcase, the weight of the crimper stays close to the leg and saves the back of the operator. Dies are integrated inside the press which means no more mess with the dies. The machine is designed to fit the operator.

H16AP: 9028-00-01

H16-10: 9070-16-10
H16-12: 9070-16-12
H16-14: 9070-16-14
H16-16: 9070-16-16
H16-19: 9070-16-19
H16-23: 9070-16-23
H16-27: 9070-16-27
H16-31: 9070-16-31

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