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Hydroscand Machine is always there to serve your needs.

Hydroscand was established in 1969 in Stockholm, Sweden, by Björn Holmström and our aim has always been to provide top-quality fluid connectors, hoses and fittings.

About 30 years ago, we started developing and manufacturing machines for our own purpose, where high quality and reliable performance in a demanding environment, was the primary focus.

We know that downtime and unnecessary servicing are always more expensive than the small extra cost of a quality product – a belief and philosophy that still guides us today, and the inspiration for what became Hydroscand Machine AB in Säter, 20 years ago.

Today Hydroscand Group has a turnover of 250 million Euro and is present in many countries across Europe, Asia and Africa, whilst Hydroscand Machine has also expanded its business - now exporting worldwide.

No matter where in the world you are, always know that: We stand by our machines.

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