H24Dynamic - Suited for On-Site Repair Work! Crimping head rotatable 90 Degrees!

H24Dynamic is the most "basic" machine in our range operated by a single phase hydraulic power pack or three phase hydrualic power pack. It's stripped down to make it as cost effective as possible. Ideally sited for on-site repair work, service vans or smaller service facilities. 


H24Dynamic 400V 3-phs: 9028-00-65
H24Dynamic 230V 1-phs: 9028-00-67

H24-10: 9063-20-10
H24-12: 9063-20-12
H24-14: 9063-20-14
H24-16: 9063-20-16
H24-19: 9063-20-19
H24-23: 9063-20-23
H24-27: 9063-20-27
H24-31: 9063-20-31
H24-36: 9063-20-36
H24-41: 9063-20-41
H24-47: 9063-20-47
H24-54: 9063-20-54

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