With H120 on site you are very well equipped for the high volume production. 300 tons of crimping force and 155mm opening also enables a wide range of crimping applications. With the CTS (colour touch screen) control the functionality of the crimper is wide; storage capacity of many part numbers and die sets, easy search functions, easy calibration and much more. When extra options not needed the Basic version with only crimp, open and diameter setting is the choice.

✓ Simple calibration
✓ Fast and easy operation
✓ User friendly digital control
✓ Ergonomic operation
✓ Easy storage of dies
✓ Accurate
✓ Reliable
✓ Very silent


Simplicity at it’s best!
With only crimp, open and teach in button the basic control is very simple.
“The open position” is set by pushing the “teach-in button” at the position
you wish to open up to. Crimping diameter is set on the micrometer screw.
Despite its simplicity are features as easy calibration and several
more are available.



Some of the features………
• Crimp control by measurement or by pressure.
• Login required to run, users are easily created in the display. Signed in as Service
gives full permission to change basic settings, service mode is password protected.
• Ability to save / load specifi c driving settings by presets in the list.
• Logger for monitoring, the fi nished crimps logged with specifi c data, such as
current users, driving settings, order number etc.
• Four selectable languages: Swedish, English, German and French.
• Alarm list with clear indication at fault.
• Instruction pictures as help with the easy calibration and change of dies.
• Ability to scan part numbers.
• Ability to print out orders/driving parameters.
• Counter for easy calibration / number of crimps.
• Counter for SPC-test.
• Service counter, time and number of crimps.

H120CTS ED II: 9028-01-07

H120BASIC ED II: 9028-01-02

H120BASIC ED II 230v: 9028-01-03


H32-10: 9060-32-10
H32-12: 9060-32-12
H32-14: 9060-32-14
H32-16: 9060-32-16
H32-19: 9060-32-19
H32-22: 9060-32-22
H32-26: 9060-32-26
H32-30: 9060-32-30
H32-34: 9060-32-34
H32-39: 9060-32-39
H32-45: 9060-32-45
H32-51: 9060-32-51
H32-57: 9060-32-57
H32-63: 9060-32-63
H32-69: 9060-32-69
H32-74: 9060-32-74
H32-78: 9060-32-78

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