New machine with 9kW standard engine and maximum OD up to 105 mm.

PowerCut 5-85 is an extremely strong hydraulic and pneumatically operated hose cutting machine for heavy duty production. It has an "open throat" hatch for inserting the hose from the front.

The machine is also equipped with a pneumatic hose pre-bending system, three different cutting strokes, cutting blade brake and variabel cutting speed control to avoid overheating of the cutting blade. Waste is collected in a bin which is easy to empty.

Power-Cut is suitable for hoses with up to a maximum of six steel braids and up to 105 mm OD.

Hose Capacity 1-2-3 layers: 3/16" - 3"
Hose Capacity 4-6 layers: 1/4" - 2"
Max. hose diameter OD: 105 mm
Motor: 9 kW/13 kW
Voltage: 230/400V/25A/50Hz
Diameter (blade) External: 520 mm
Diameter (blade) Internal: 38 mm
Connection to smoke evacuation system: 100 mm
Colour: Black/Orange

Length: 925 mm (9kW) 955 mm(13kW)
Depth: 633 mm
Height: 1480 mm
Weight: 247 Kg (9kW) 253 kg (13kW)

PowerCut 5-85 YD 400V 3-phase: 9010-00-00
PowerCut 5-85 YD 230V 3-phase: 9010-00-15
PowerCut 5-85 YD 13kW 400V 3-phase: 9010-00-03

Cutting blade HSM 520x4x38 Smooth: 9005-00-05
Cutting blade HSM 520x4x38 Toothed: 9005-00-06
Cutting blade 520x4x50mm- TS: 9005-00-04
Adapter-ring 50x38 (for 9005-00-04): 9005-01-04

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