The Original Assembly Machines

Hydrocand Machine AB presents a wide range of assembly machines and accessories for the hydrualic hose industry. Over 40 years of experience in the hose assembly business has given us a unique understanding in the production and development of our large machine range. Our machines are built to be as environmentally friendly as possible, easty to use, ergonomically designed and of course meet a high international safety standard corresponding to European CE-regulations. Quality, safety, reliability and ergonomics are our focus!


Mission: To provide the hose assembly industry with safe and innovative production machines of high quality.

Vision: To be the customers first choice in hose assembly machines.

Strategies: To focus on customers needs and create long-term relataionships. To develop the best managment, knowledge processes. TO use our know-how, our marketing position and the customer relations. 


For the toughest hydrualic applications or the larger size industrial hoses, H70 is the choice! With 350 ton crimping force and 220mm opening the range of crimping application is covered. For easy access of the large size hoses H70 can be tilted and the hose/tube doesn't have to be lifted more than 30cm from the floor. All parts are made of high qulity steel with rust protective treatment to ensure long lifetime.