TwinSkive 5-50, Skiving and Inserting Machine

TwinSkive is a semi-automatic PLC-controlled skiving machine for external and internal skiving at the same time. The machine can easily reduce your skiving time by 50% and is very reliable and easy to use. A centering system assures that the hose is correctly aligned during the entire skiving and inserting process. The machine can also be used for inserting fittings and internal or external skiving separately.

- Extremely quick internal and external skiving
- Great increase of production capacity
- Eliminates work-related injuries
- PLC-controlled
- Automatic self-centering system
- Adjustable speed
- Adjustable pressure
- Waste collection for easy disposal

Hose capacity: 3/16" - 2"
Skiving and Push-on capacity: 400 - 600 pcs/hour
Motor: 2 x 0,75 kW
Voltage 3-phase: 230/400V/16A/50Hz
Velocity: 540 rpm
Air pressure: min 6 bar
Colour: Black/Orange

Length: 1 200 mm
Width: 680 mm
Height: 1 080 mm
Weight: 150 Kg

TwinSkive 5-50 400V excl tools: 9082-02-00

External skiving tool 3/16" - 2": See separate specification
Internal skiving tool 3/8" - 2": See separate specification
OST tool 1/2" - 2": See separate specification
Push-on tool for straight and elbow fittings: See separate specification

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