HAC32 - Hose Assembly Centre

Complete unit for assembling 1/4"- 2" hydraulic hoses.

One bench for all needs, the Hydroscand Machine AB hose assembly centre is the complete hose mounting workbench, designed to fulfil all your needs for a safe and professional hose assembly. The centre can be supplied with a hose reel, cutting machine, marking machine, cleaning equippment and a swager. The centres are delivered with all necessary accessories and machines to meet your requests.

Technical data:
Voltage 3-phase 3 x 400V/16A/50Hz
Voltage 1-phase 1 x 240V/10A/50Hz
Air connection 1/2" BSP
Estimated assembly time
for the modular system 6 - 8 Hours
Hose capacity: Dimensions:
1-3 wire braided hydraulic hose 1/4" -2"
4 wire multispiral hose 1/4" -2"

Length (module) 3000 mm
Length (module + Hose reel 7) min. 5000 mm
Width 810 mm
Height (workbench) 850 - 950 mm
Height (module) 2100 - 2200 mm
Weight (incl. machines) 475 kg

2 m HAC-bench module (A) 9081-00-01

The 2 m HAC-bench module contains of:
- Tool set containing of, plastic hammer, screw driver set, allen keys, wrench, wire cutter, protractor, oil can
and a metal saw.
- Plastic boxes
- Blow-gun including spiral tube.
- Tool panels and hooks.
- Measuring rail and hose stop.
- Swaging table holder (20 pages)
- Removable vice.
- Lighting

The machines and equippment listed below are available to the HAC-H32. 

- Crimper, H32D Autocal dies and tool base.
- Cutting machine, MaxiCut 5-60 OT
- Ferrule marking machine, Markman II with accessories.
- Skiving machine, MidiSkive 5-50.
- External skiving tools for 1/4" - 2", EST.
- Internal skiving tools for 3/8"- 2", IST
- Hose and tube blow-cleaning system, MicroJet 5-50.
- Hose cleaning system, e-cleaner Maxi.
- Seven stage hose reel, HoseReel 7
- Oil lubricator, OilOn 5-50