TwinPush 5-50

Nipple inserting machine

This is a semi-automatic PLC-controlled machine for inserting of fi ttings. It is quick, reliable and easy to use. A centering system assures that the hose is correctly aligned during the entire inserting process. TwinPush is equipped with two tool holders and an automatic tool change system, which allows you to assemble straight and elbow fittings easily without changing tools.

• Greatly increases production capacity
• Eliminates work-related injuries
• PLC-controlled
• Automatic self-centering system
• Adjustable speed
• Adjustable pressure

Hose capacity: 3/16" - 2"
Push on capacity: 400 - 600 pcs/h 
Voltage single phase: 230/10A/50Hz
Air pressure: 6 bar
Colour: Light grey

Width: 680 mm
Height: 1080 mm
Depth: 1200 mm
Weight: 125 Kg

TwinPush 5-50: 9082-03-00

Push - on Tools

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